Dr Jared Veterinary Hospital takes excellent care of All our puppies and thousands of other patients.  Dr. O'Brain is one of a kind in his treatment of animals and their owners.  Currently there are no office visit charges for just walking through the door like many other vet clinics.  It is standing room only on most Fridays and  they do not take appointments.  Just wake up early and they will get to you as soon as they can.  The waiting room is friendly and staff and vet techs become like family members.  They are genuine right down to the bone!

Kerrie and O'Brain

Additional Staff

  • Joni Rice- Office Manager

  • - Veterinary Technician

  •  -Assistant Tech

  •  -Assistant Tech


 Pet Food and Preventative Health Care

  • Heartgard, Frontline and many others

  • Hills Science Diet 

  • Micro-chip


Hours   Mon - Fri-  8-12 

All of Dr. O'Brian  hours are subject to change.

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